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3 Internet Trends Everyone Needs to Know

If there’s one thing the Internet and technology isn’t, it’s consistent. Both are constantly evolving and changing up what we once knew. So it can be an exasperating task to stay on top of the Internet trends. Fortunately, we’ve done our research. Here are the three current Internet trends […]

Don’t Hire Just a Marketer – Hire a Modern Marketer To Tear Up The Industry

Forget the car salesmen tactics because things have changed within the industry that will significantly improve your business as a marketer; as long as you’re utilizing the newfound information, that is. Previously, marketing tactics have continued to be fairly straight forward for years, but with the modern world of […]

Easy way to turn visitors into customers


Turn Your Web Visitors into Customers by Segmenting your Website’s Content


There are endless amounts of websites that aren’t receiving the proper amount of customers in relation to their web traffic, and the solution is quite simple; Segmenting Content. If you have been having trouble engaging your audience to proceed […]

What is a Value Proposition and Why Does Your Website Need One?

Do you feel that you could honestly and confidently state what your value proposition is for your business? Prior to establishing your business, it is essential that you take the time to determine what your value proposition is if you would like your business to succeed. The following exercise will help you learn what a value proposition is and how you can write your own.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for your business website

Increasing traffic to your business website is essential, but it’s not enough; once viewers make it to your page, you must engage them, so that they buy your products or services. In doing so, you’ve converted a viewer into a customer. Customer conversion rate, the ratio of converted viewers to the total number of viewers denoted as a percentage, is an important metric for the success of any business. Since this rate doesn’t take the value of the sale into account, it is a relative term.

Is Your SEO Agency worth its salt?

Getting the Most Out of Your SEO Agency So far, you've been constantly receiving excellent results from your SEO agency. For most people, the fact that the agency they've hired is doing what it's supposed to be doing is already enough for them.

10 Questions To Ask Your SEO

Businesses spent more than nine billion on advertising last year, this exceeded what was spent on print advertising for the first time in history. More than ever, both large and small businesses want SEO vendors to provide exposure via both the Internet and more traditional marketing avenues.

Five ways to advertise your business online for free

This video is geared for small business start ups with low marketing budgets thus providing low cost ways to get more exposure online.

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