Why SSL Certificates on Your Website Are Vital

You may have already heard that Google is forcing websites to have an SSL Certificate or they will flag your site. While this may be frustrating, it makes sense because Google is just doing their job to keep users happy and making sure that they are visiting […]

How to Test Your Website for Responsive Design

With the very first responsive web design being introduced in 2010, it’s safe to say that this style of websites has certainly taken off in popularity. Apple launched the highly sought after mobile tablet devices called iPads which completely changed the way that we use the web today, and […]

Mobile Friendly Websites Are Getting Google’s Praise starting April 21st



Google has taught you a lot, and the truth is that if you aren’t staying up to date with their information, you’re missing out on the most optimal experience that can be provided from a search engine. Since there is a […]

Your Site Speed is Sacrificing Your Success

Just because you have a visually appealing, SEO-rich website doesn’t always mean that you’re seen as high-ranking worthiness in Google’s eye. Many people forget about one of the important ranking factors out there; site speed, and although it isn’t as vital as some of the other 200 plus ranking […]

All You Need For Your Onsite SEO Marketing Regime

Without utilizing SEO practices on your website, you’re selling your success short. Google is basically the God of the Internet as they have completely transformed the online marketing industry with their consistent algorithm updates, tactics and tools used to engage viewership and traffic to your website. Now, the thing […]

Google in your TV

If you loved the Android brand before, you’re about to have your gamer thumbs, channel-changing fingers shake with excitement because 2015 is bringing a whole new era of technology. Currently, Android offers a variety of gadgets available for the car, on your wrist, in your hands and soon enough, […]


There has been the never ending debate as to whether SEO or PPC is the better option to bring you the highest amount of potential success and traffic. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) definitely have their own set of pros and cons which will be […]

5 easy things you can do to get Google to fall in love with your site.

Until your website appears in Google's search results, it's difficult to develop traffic and sales. And until you site is indexed multiple times by Google's web crawler, Googlebot, it won't show up in the search results. Frequent return visits by the crawler are necessary to advance in the rankings so your site shows up earlier in searches.

Disable Personalized Search Results on Google

Google defaults are set to use your personal web history and browser information to personalize your search results.  This means that your search results could be a bit different from someone else searching for the same term.

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