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With nearly two decades of career experience in IT and online commerce, West Palm Beach-based Carlos Caneja currently serves as President of C2 Consulting Group. Since its founding in 2010, the company offers customized, cutting-edge strategies to help clients achieve their goals—including branding, web design & development, SEO and online marketing. His company’s sophisticated strategies and unique understanding of client goals is driven by a one-on-one customer service-driven mandate, utilizing approaches that are fit best for every individual client. Carlos’ mantra for C2: “Open dialogue is a must when working with our clients, as positive input helps us better understand what they want from each project. It’s how we’re able to consistently deliver results that amaze and impress our clients.” He previously worked for 11 years as COO with Applied Innovations, which provides a wide range of enterprise-grade Windows Hosting services to the online marketplace.

Mobile Friendly Websites Are Getting Google’s Praise starting April 21st



Google has taught you a lot, and the truth is that if you aren’t staying up to date with their information, you’re missing out on the most optimal experience that can be provided from a search engine. Since there is a […]

Your Site Speed is Sacrificing Your Success

Just because you have a visually appealing, SEO-rich website doesn’t always mean that you’re seen as high-ranking worthiness in Google’s eye. Many people forget about one of the important ranking factors out there; site speed, and although it isn’t as vital as some of the other 200 plus ranking […]

Are Your Tweets Enhancing Your Google SEO Ranking?

Two of the most powerful Internet Gurus have collaborated to take over the industry even more than they already have. Google, the lord of search engines and the master of Social Media, Twitter, are changing things up a bit to better the results for everyone – pun intended. Twitter […]

All You Need For Your Onsite SEO Marketing Regime

Without utilizing SEO practices on your website, you’re selling your success short. Google is basically the God of the Internet as they have completely transformed the online marketing industry with their consistent algorithm updates, tactics and tools used to engage viewership and traffic to your website. Now, the thing […]

Don’t Hire Just a Marketer – Hire a Modern Marketer To Tear Up The Industry

Forget the car salesmen tactics because things have changed within the industry that will significantly improve your business as a marketer; as long as you’re utilizing the newfound information, that is. Previously, marketing tactics have continued to be fairly straight forward for years, but with the modern world of […]

The Dreadful Truth about SEO

The power of SEO has taken over the industry, and despite being able to read an overload of articles pertaining to this subject online, SEO really isn’t all that simple. In fact, it’s risky business that is super complex, and that also comes with a variety of factors to […]

Google in your TV

If you loved the Android brand before, you’re about to have your gamer thumbs, channel-changing fingers shake with excitement because 2015 is bringing a whole new era of technology. Currently, Android offers a variety of gadgets available for the car, on your wrist, in your hands and soon enough, […]

The Heartbleed Virus Diagnosis

It’s the Heartbleed Virus that has been slowly taking over the Internet for years, but only recently has it come to the public eye. If you’re pretty techie or considered the ‘computer nerd’ in your social circle, chances are that you have come across a couple of these previously, […]

Awesome web design trends we saw in 2013

1. Responsive Layouts

The entire trend pertaining to responsive web design has been continuously changing but has finally come to a conclusive idea of flat designs. These kind of layouts focus on matching all forms of digital media in order to support all devices such as; laptops, desktops, Smartphones, tablets, […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at C2 Consulting Group


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